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The Miami Japanese Sword Society (MiamiJSS) is an educational organization located in Miami. MiamiJSS main endeavor is to education members on the Antique Japanese Sword and also thru the Study of Japanese fencing and Swordsmanship.

What is the Miami Japanese Sword Society

The Miami Japanese Sword Society (Miami JSS) is an organization located in Miami, Florida. It was founded by Mr. Moses Becerra. This organization was created to sponsor and to inform potential sword enthusiasts on Japanese Sword related arts. We have a well rounded program that will include traditional martial arts associated with Japanese Swordsmanship. Kendo, Iaido and Battodo will be featured for those interested. We also have a very special interest within our organization and that is the study of Antique Japanese Swords.

Moses Becerra served as the Vice President for the New York Sword club and now that he has moved to the Miami area would like to share his knowledge with other collectors and with people interested in understanding and learning about Japanese Swords or Nihonto. Moses Becerra is a professional Japanese Sword polisher trained in Japan. His last and most influential instructor was Kentaro Yoshikawa. Yoshikawa Sensei was the head of the Japanese Sword Preservation Society in Japan and also the polisher for the Emperor of Japan. Moses Becerra was his last student before passing away and has an ongoing relationship with Yoshikawa sensei’s son Eiichi Yoshikawa. Eiichi Yoshikawa is now the new head of the Preservation society and also the third generation of the Yoshikawa family. He is trusted to care for, and to polish the swords owned by the Emperor of Japan.

This is a unique opportunity for potential students wishing to further advance their knowledge in this exciting field either thru Martial Arts or thru the study of antique Japanese Swords. This opportunity has never been available in the Miami area and is only made possible since Mr. Moses Becerra has relocated to the Miami area are from New York.

The Miami Japanese Sword Society’s main endeavor is to enhance the education of its members through monthly courses, planned seminars and publications by Moses Becerra. Bi-monthly meetings will be scheduled specifically for this purpose.

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Nihonto Antiques

Toku Bu kan

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Phone: 631-332-4411
Email: info@tokubukan.com
Facebook: TokuBuKan Page

Please contact us before coming to a class.

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Toku Bu Kan Dojo
9851 NW 58 St. Suite #113
Doral, FL 33178

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